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Car Tracker Prices In Pakistan: A Comprehensive Guide

Car tracking has now become essential for many businesses and has recently gained huge recognition from individual users. Technology has been present for a long time, and now, people can finally use it for both personal and commercial purposes. But people are usually curious about car tracker prices in Pakistan. Well, worry no more this article is going to answer all your questions.

What is car tracking?

An interface that allows you to track the location of a vehicle and monitor its movement concerning both time and distance with the aid of GPS is known as a tracking interface. The principle behind the working of GPS technology involves the transfer of a signal to the tracking system, which, with the help of a digital network and software application, allows the vehicle’s location to be tracked on a map in real-time. The software can be installed on any heavy vehicle, such as buses, trains, and trucks.


Advantages of Car Tracking:

  • Speaking of business, car tracking can play a key role in reducing cost and improving the vehicle’s efficiency (by accurately tracking the distance travelled by the vehicle and comparing it with mileage). Buses can use it to improve the productivity of their fleet, and drivers can be dispatched more effectively.
  • Individual users are mostly concerned about the car’s location, especially in the region with a high crime rate. The use of a tracking system can avoid car thefts. In countries like Pakistan, where people face a high theft rate, the real-time location feature can help the authorities trace the location of the stolen vehicles, thus aiding their easy retrieval. This will help reduce the financial losses incurred by car owners.
  • Nowadays, insurance companies also encourage customers to install car trackers in their vehicles. The presence of car trackers in the vehicles will double the chances of car recovery; this will greatly benefit insurance companies.

A Complete Guide to Car Tracker Prices in Pakistan:

Car trackers are now becoming a must-have feature for the cars available in Pakistan, But due to economic crises surging in the country people living in Pakistan are concerned about the car tracker prices in Pakistan. Most of the imported cars come with the built-in feature, and Pakistani car manufacturers are encouraged to make it a mandatory feature. The price of car trackers in Pakistan mainly depends on the following features:

  • Brand
  • Features
  • Accuracy
  • Installation cost

As per current rates (including the inflation charges), the average prices of car trackers in Pakistan starts from 12000 PKR to 28000 PKR. Advanced trackers with real-time tracking and remote immobilization may cost more. The buyers are always advised to thoroughly conduct their research and then purchase (based on their requirements). The trackers, depending on their features, can be divided into 5 categories:


  • Basic Car Trackers:

     These trackers are available for low-end usage. Where accuracy and reliability are still big challenges, they have promised to provide basic features such as GPS tracking, historical data about the location, and remote engine shutoff. These basic trackers fall in the price range of 12000 PKR to 17000 PKR.

  • Advanced car trackers:

     These trackers are available with some additional features; the features include GPS tracking, real-time tracking, and geo-fencing (a virtual geographic boundary is created around the area through technology, i.e., GPS). The trackers can also provide panic alerts (trigging of a long siren or any specific call that can inform law enforcement agencies of the location of a car). In Pakistan, advanced car trackers range from 18000 PKR to 26000 PKR.

  • Premium Car Trackers:

     They comprise some extraordinary features such as voice monitoring (which evaluates the driver’s voice, i.e., thieves can be differentiated from the routine users of that particular car), remote immobilization, and anti-jamming. Premium car trackers usually range from 29000 pkr to 48000 pkr. The prices may vary with the additional features and brand.

Installation Cost:

This cost relates to the type of tracker and the brand name. The installation cost for the basic car tracker ranges from 2500 pkr to 5000 pkr. The advanced tracker is on a slightly higher tier; the price may range from 4500 PKR to 10000 PKR. The advanced and premium trackers may cost up to 12,000 Pakistani rupees with additional mobile or car screen application charges.


Subscription charges:

The trackers in Pakistan usually come with a monthly or annual subscription cost. Some new basic car tracking interfaces might be free, but others can cost up to 1200 PKR monthly. The advanced or premium tracking systems may cost the user up to 3500 PKR, which can also vary with active features. 

Bottom line:

Choose a reliable and accurate tracker. For this purpose, reputable brands should be trusted so that the car’s proper functioning, safety, and security are not compromised.


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