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Sign Track, a reputable and renowned company in Pakistan, offers reliable products and services that enable precise tracking of fleets through a user-friendly mobile app. With our advanced real-time GPS bike tracking system, you can effortlessly stay connected and ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

Basic Plan


(Next year AMF will be PKR 5000)

Premium Plan


(Next year AMF will be PKR 8000)


Bike Tracker

24/7 Call Centre Access

  • Real time tracking
  • Nationwide Tracking

Web Access Portal


Mobile App iOS/Android

Share Track Via Web & Mobile App

Standard Geo-Fencinge Call

Battery Temper Alert on App

Ignition On/Off Alerts on App

Over Speed Alerts on APP

Hourly Statuse Alerts on App

Route Deviation Alerts on App

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Basic Movement/Activity Report (6 Months)

Drive & Stop Report (6 Months)

Average Fuel Consumption (Distance Based) (6 Months)

Geo-Fence Summary time based IN/OUT (6 Months)

Mileage Report (6 Months)

Running Report (6 Months)

Trip Report (6 Months)

Park Report (6 Months)

Ignition On/Off Report (6 Months)

Excessive Idling Report (6 Months)

Schedule Email Reports (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Multi-Layer Maps*

Periodic Maintenance

Loction on Demand

Assistance in Theft Case

Total including 1st year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)

Rs. 13,000


Car Tracker

Ignition On SMS

Ignition Off SMS

Vehicle Analytics

Battery Alerts on SMS

GEO Fence- No Gas Area On SMS

Total including 1st year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)

Rs. 19,000


Fleet Management


Visual Playback Summary

Basic Trip Reports and Fuel Analytics

Vehicle Health Report


Total including 1st year Annual Monitoring Charges (AMC)

Rs. 13,000


Your Ultimate Vehicle Protection

At An Unbeatable Price Of Only 25,500/-, The Tracker Plus Package Offers An Exceptional Set Of Features That Will Take Your Vehicle Protection To The Next Level.

We Understand That Every Customer Has Unique Requirements. With The Trakker Plus Package, You Have The Flexibility To Customize Alert SMS Packages And Add-On Features According To Your Specific Needs.

Take Advantage Of Our Exclusive Online Purchase And Pay Offer, Where You Can Purchase The Trakker Plus Package On 25% Discount For An Incredible Price Of Just 19,700/-.

Don’t Compromise When It Comes To Protect Your Valuable Vehicle. Choose The Trakker Plus Package And Experience Ultimate Vehicle Security Like Never Before.


Value Added Features

Features Notification Alerts SMS Alerts
Ignition On SMS Included in package
Ignition Off SMS Included in package
Vehicle Analytics Included in package
Over Speeding Alerts on SMS Included in package
Battery Alerts on SMS Included in package
Geo Fencing – No Go Areas on SMS Included in package

Total Price: RS:  19700

In the vehicle, a GPS-enabled car tracking device is fitted, which connects with satellites to collect signals and transmit real-time position data. This information is then transmitted to a central server, allowing users to monitor and track their vehicles remotely.

Car tracking offers several benefits, including enhanced vehicle security, improved safety for drivers and passengers, efficient fleet management, and potential insurance discounts. With real-time tracking, instant alerts, and features like geofencing and remote immobilization, car tracking systems provide peace of mind and help recover stolen vehicles.

Yes, SignTrack provides a user-friendly mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The mobile app allows you to track your vehicle's location, receive notifications and alerts, access reports, and manage your tracking system conveniently from your smartphone or tablet.

Yes, SignTrack car tracking devices are designed for easy installation. Our professional technicians can install the device quickly and efficiently, ensuring seamless integration with your vehicle's electrical system.

SignTrack car trackers are designed to be power-efficient and have a minimal impact on your vehicle's battery life. These devices are built using advanced technology to optimize power consumption and ensure long-lasting performance without significantly draining your vehicle's battery.

SignTrack's car tracking systems provide instant alerts and notifications in case of any unauthorized vehicle movement. You will receive immediate notifications on your mobile app or through SMS and email, allowing you to take prompt action and inform the relevant authorities if necessary.

SignTrack utilizes advanced GPS for tracking technology to ensure highly accurate location tracking. Our systems provide precise and real-time location information, allowing you to monitor your vehicle's movements with great accuracy and reliability.

Car tracking improves vehicle security by enabling real-time monitoring and instant alerts in case of any unauthorized vehicle movement. It provides enhanced security and increases the chances of recovering a stolen vehicle.

Absolutely! SignTrack offers fleet management solutions that allow you to track and manage multiple vehicles efficiently. Whether you have a small business fleet or a large number of vehicles, our system can accommodate your needs.

Yes, SignTrack car trackers are transferable. If you change your vehicle, simply contact our support team, and they will guide you through the process of transferring the tracker to your new vehicle. This ensures continuous protection and tracking capabilities for your new asset.

Yes, SignTrack provides extensive coverage across Pakistan. Our car tracking services are available nationwide, ensuring that your vehicles are protected and monitored regardless of their location.

Absolutely! SignTrack offers fleet management solutions that allow you to track and manage multiple vehicles efficiently. Whether you have a small business fleet or a large number of vehicles, our system can accommodate your needs.

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