How To Transfer A Gps Car Tracker From One Vehicle To Another?

GPS car trackers are installed inside the vehicles to keep them secure from theft and track all the crucial stats. When you hardwire a GPS tracker to your vehicle, it is not meant to be installed there forever. You will need to either replace the car tracking system or your car. You must detach the GPS car tracker and install it in another vehicle for several reasons. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Purchase of a new vehicle,
  2. Sale of an old car,
  3. Allocating another vehicle for expensive consignments, or
  4. Start or end of a car lease.

No matter what the reason is, the GPS car tracker transfer procedure is simple to perform. We have listed and explained some steps before moving a GPS car tracker.

Storing the tracked data

Storing data of tracker

Storage facility depends on the company you have availed of the GPS car tracking services. Most companies record and store the tracking data forthwith inside its server. The minimum time limit for storing the data in the server is as long as a decade.

However, if the tracking record is not viewed within a year, it can only be accessed with the help of a formal email or application. You should know the data retention and extraction process well before switching vehicles.

Make sure you are all set.

In most cases, the data is saved on the car tracker and, ultimately, the server. This depends on the car tracking company, but the standard GPS car tracking device will pose no threats like data loss. If you still feel that the data will get lost or mixed up with that of the other vehicle, then we advise you to extract tracking reports and download them before switching the car.

Another safe option that you can take is to hire a professional electrical technician or GPS tracker specialist to help you with moving your GPS car tracker to another vehicle. When choosing this option, you should ensure you do not enter the new car registration number or other details in the system. This will save the technician from confusion as the device will not show an “already registered” alert.

Moving or switching the car tracking device

car tracking

The moving process is simple. After removing it from the old one, you must reinstall your car tracking device in the new vehicle. The installation process can be tricky, so you should take professional help if this is your first time. Once the installation is complete, you need to call or email the customer support team of the car tracking company and ask them to switch the car.

The customer support team will ask you about the registration details and location of the new vehicle. After you have provided the requisite information, your tracking device will be connected to the new car. The following data will consist of the new vehicle stats. You only need to remember the day the cars were switched. Remembering this date will help you generate the relevant tracking details for each vehicle individually.

Other things to consider

While switching, the car tracking device goes into the “hold” mode when the tracker is removed from the old car and is not attached to the new vehicle. However, you can still extract reports and check the tracking history to see if the device works.

Battery or portable car tracking

A solution to the hectic removal and installation technique is to choose portable car tracking devices that track any vehicle in which you place them. These devices are simple to handle. However, there is one significant drawback to portable car tracing devices. They stop working when the battery runs out.

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