How to Track Any Number in Pakistan? A Comprehensive Guide

Track any number in Pakistan. It may be a prank caller or you want to spy on your family member. You always need a quick tracker to know who is the person behind and what’s the location. As such, this guide provides some safe ways to find details of a number, including its name, address, location, and even its entire background. 

Let’s dive into it 

How to track any number in Pakistan


There are close to 10 types of numbers in Pakistan. However, commonly you only need to trace the mobile number and landline under some peculiar circumstances. 

Toll-free numbers and virtual phone numbers may also be relevant for businesses and organizations that need to manage customer support or information services. 

So let’s explore various options to trace the location of who snatched your mobile last night or the details with name and address. 

1. How to track a mobile number? 

This is a list of 08 different options available to track any number in Pakistan. But you must follow some precautions as it may require legal and ethical consideration. 

It must be noted that these options may fluctuate in accuracy and reliability.

A. Online options to track a Mobile Number 

Here is a list of a few mobile trackers that trace online for free. But note that some options may require specialized tools or a fee or subscription to access certain features. 

Reverse Phone Lookup Services 

A quick online service to trace all the mobile number details with the name and address. This is the opposite of traditional phone lookups, where you trace the phone number while having the person’s details. 

But via this technique, you need to put the number in the search bar of various sites providing this service, and you will have all the details with the person’s name, address, and other contact information. 

And do you know the well-known True Caller application also follows the same makeup? Here you can find the 7 Best sites to find the details of a number online

GPS tracking apps


These apps work by catching signals from the GPS satellite and must be installed on your phone before it gets stolen. Once you have installed the app on the target device, you can track its location in real time. 

GPS tracking apps can track the location of a lost or stolen mobile device and monitor the whereabouts of family members or employees. 

Searching Social Media


It offers an easy way to search whether any social media profile is associated with the targeted number. 

You just have to enter the number in the search bar on Facebook or Google to find any profile that mentions this number. This helps you find the details with name and address, but it may not always be accurate or up-to-date. 

Websites and Apps tracking any number in Pakistan


You may find many online sites and applications claiming to track any number in Pakistan for free. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend using any of the sites or applications.

Many of these may be scams that harm your device or compromise your personal information. Instead, use trusted GPS tracking applications that provide real-time location for free online. 

However, if you want to try some of the trusted software to trace your stolen phone for free online, you will love this guide to help you track any number in Pakistan

B. Non-Online Options to Track Mobile Numbers 

I have found 04 non-online options to track mobile numbers in Pakistan, which may require some physical effort or specialized knowledge. 

Contacting the Mobile Network Provider 

It is a simple process that requires you to contact the network provider of the targeted number. It also requires a valid reason to verify the request, such as reporting a stolen phone. There are 4 different Mobile Network Providers working in Pakistan. These are Zong, Jazz, Telenor and Ufone. 

When you contact a network provider to track a mobile number in Pakistan, they will ask you for the targeted number and some details to verify that you are the rightful owner or have permission to access the location. Once the verification is done, they use the internet system to trace the location and provide you with the details. 

Searching Public Records 

You can contact some government agencies, such as the National Database and Registration Authority ( NADRA ), if they have any information in their records for the number you are trying to track. 

Hiring a private investigator 

Private investigators are licensed professionals who track details with name and address, but it may cost a lot to hire one for you. 

Tracking Through Mobile Networks


You can use two ways to trace a mobile phone: contacting the Mobile Network Operator ( MNO ) and using your IMEI number.

– Tracking Through Mobile Network Operator ( MNO ) system 

It is a non-online option to find details of a number and isn’t accessible to the general public. The government or law enforcement agencies only use it for security reasons. 

However, it works by contacting the network operator of the targeted number and giving some details. Once the request gets approved, the MNO will track the mobile number and provide location information. 

– Using an IMEI number


IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity) is an identifying 15-digit number for each mobile phone and can be used to trace the location in case your phone is snatched or stolen. 

You have to contact the police or your mobile network and provide them with the IMEI number of the stolen phone. Through the network signal, they trace the mobile phone. 

To find your IMEI number, dial *#06# on the phone’s dial pad, and you will see your IMEI number on your screen. And you don’t even need to hit the call button. I have a few other interesting ways to find the IMEI number you will love. 

2. How to track a landline number? 

There are many possible ways to track a landline number, but I have shared only a few that are simple and faster to trace. 

Contacting the Telephone Exchange 

This involves making a call to a telephone exchange. You can find their phone number in the local directory or online. 

Ask them to assist you in tracking the landline number as well. They may ask you for your name and contact information before accepting the request. 

Once they have all the required information, it may help them find the details of a number. 

Using Online Directories 

It involves tracking a landline number online using various websites or apps that provide such services. This method is more convenient and faster but does not always provide accurate or up-to-date information.

That’s a great guide to online directories such as PTCL to track any number in Pakistan. 

Final words 

So, that’s a comprehensive guide to tracking any number in Pakistan. 

Which option are you going to use for tracking the prank caller? 

And share it with your dearest to let them keep their IMEI number to track the phone when they might lose it. 


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